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Year 7/8 Board Game 
Updated 09/06/20
Download the resource sheet attached at the bottom page to help you. 
Task 3
Perform a detailed analysis of your favourite board game at home. Use the questions below as guidance if you wish. The sentence starters will help too if needed. Pob lwc pawb.


Aesthetics  - What does the board game look like? What has the design been based on (theme)? What features does it have?

Cost - How much does the game cost to buy?Do you think this is value for money?


Client - Who is the target customer for this type of board game? Age group? Interests? Explain why you think this?


Environment – Could the board game be recycled? Has it been made from any recycled materials?

Safety - Is the product safe to use? Is it suitable for the intended market?

Size -  What size is the board game in mm? Is it an appropriate size?

Function - What is the main purpose of the game? Does it have any other functions?

Materials - What materials have been used to make the board game? Are the materials fit for purpose?


Task 4 

From your research and analysis identify the key features your board game must include for it to be successful. Consider who the typical user will be, the needs and wants of the target user, the materials available and more… You can use a table like the example on the resource sheet to list your requirements. Remember, the questions I have added are there to help you and not to be copied out. Try thinking of more points too. Poblwc!



Aesthetics - What is the overall appearance of the product?Describe the source of inspiration? Possible themes?Why should the product look this way?

Customer - Who is the board game aimed at? What are their needs & wants?

Size - What will be the approximate size of the board game? (Dimensions – mm) Size when setup/packed away?Why must it be this size?

Function - What must the game do?How will the game work/play?How must the game perform?

Material - What properties must the materials used possess?What materials are you considering?Why are you using these materials?


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 Updated 05/05/20

STEM Competition -  Virtual Faraday Challenge for Airbus

Open for anyone between 7 to 15 years, young people can do this at home, in school, individually or as a group or family. The competition is based on a real-world problem,

the Virtual Faraday Challenge challenges young people to see if they can assist the work of Airbus in helping people around the world in times of need, and work in the way engineers do in designing a new product. The video brief and details of how to enter can be found in the link.



Updated 05/05/20

We have produced some new activities that have been modified so you can continue to develop your creative and practical skills from home.


All Year 7 & 8 Groups  - Mr Jones and Miss Thornton/Miss Waddilove


Board Game Project

Design and create a simple board game, using anything that is found in the home.

A PowerPoint is attached to the bottom of the page to explain tasks in detail also posted on Twitter @DT_Maelor


Board Game - Task 1

What makes a good board game?

With your family make notes when thinking about:

  • The games you’ve played growing up?
  • What are the best things about the games you’ve played?
  • Is a simple game better than complex?
  • What is the objective? Strategy?
  • What are the most popular themes?
  • Use the internet to copy and paste a range of existing boardgames. Annotate the important features of each game.

    Board Game - Task 2
  • On A4 paper produce a board game mind map by adding all the features and considerations you can think of. Use the example on the PowerPoint to help you.

    Please email your work to your class teacher for some feedback JonesP218@Hwbcymru.netThorntonA9@Hwbcymru.net  waddilove5c@hwbcymru.net

    More tasks will be uploaded for the Board Game Project.


Updated 05/05/20


All Year 9 Groups - Mr Jones and Miss Thornton/Miss Waddilove


We have produced some new activities that have been modified so you can continue to develop your creative drawing and design skills from home.


Water Bottle Design Brief -   Design a unique drinks bottle that is used for exercise/healthy living. It must be multifunctional. Not just a bottle that holds liquid!


A PowerPoint help sheet is attached to the bottom of the page and pasted on Twitter @DT_Maelor


Task 1 Research:

Use the internet to see what is already out there. Look into materials and safety features. I have found some examples above. See what you can find!


Task 2. Initial Designs:

Use the images and research completed to draw rough ideas down (at least 5!). Use pencil, colour, line thickness and annotation to help demonstrate your ideas.



TASK 3. Final Ideas:

When you have developed your ideas you need to choose two final designs. Think about materials, features, safety and how it will work. Draw them neatly and clearly using annotation and colour to help show the features of your bottles.


Task 4. Evaluation:

Finally, choose your favourite design out of the two. Answer the following questions to conclude how your designs met the brief and what could have been done differently to improve your work.

  1. How do your bottle features assist exercise and healthy living?
  2. What material would be used and why?
  3. Who is your bottle designed for and how does it benefit them?
  4. With your chosen material, explain how it is extracted and how it is manufactured.
  5. Looking back through your work would you do anything differently?
  6. If you did this project again. How would you improve your work?


Please email your work to your class teacher for some feedback JonesP218@Hwbcymru.netThorntonA9@Hwbcymru.net  waddilove5c@hwbcymru.net


Updated 30/4

Year 7 Miss Waddilove

TEXTILES Please email all work to waddilove5c@hwbcymru.net OR via Twitter @Miss_WaddART . Year 7: Pick one of your 4 designs you have completed from your last piece of work. Split a new page into 6 boxes. Draw a step by step guide – with annotation – on how you would make your bag. Remember to start from cutting out your pattern in paper, then material, then how you would attach it all together. Your drawings need to reflect the writing for each box.


Year 10

Updated 05/05/20

Pupils have been given theory revision packs which include a revision list. Work through each topic area.

Tasks have been set via Hwb (teams)

Current Assignments set:

  • CAD/CAM Exam Questions
  • Plastics Exam Questions
  • Coursework Preparation - Problem solving & Drawing Skills

Students log onto their school HwB accounts. Select ‘Teams’ & details of work will be found under the Teaching group name.

If you are having problems loading up assignments or uploading your work can you please contact your teacher via their email so they can help you. ThorntonA9@Hwbcymru.net JonesP218@Hwbcymru.net

Copy of resources will be uploaded into the file section.









Year 12

Two exam booklets given out to pupils. Marking scheme at the back to self-mark. Additional theory work to be set via HwB (Teams)

Pupils to start research for year 13 coursework – resources will be uploaded into the file section