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Joining the Maelor School

2020 - Update.

The covid-19 situation has meant many changes within schools for the start of this academic year, we are dedicated to providing you with the best information we can so that you can consider if our school is the right one for you. Register your interest here:-click link

Over the coming month we will be providing you with the opportunity to:-

View a presentation (usually shown at an open evening) which explains how the school works, what we believe in and how you can apply:- Headteacher's Presentation

Take part in a live question and answer session with the Headteacher, Head of Year 7 and other subject teachers.

Watch a pupils view of the school here Virtual open evening

If Covid rules permit, we hope to provide small group tours to the school.

Please click this link if you or your child is in year 6 and we will provide access to these and other opportunities :-

 Click link


If you have now chosen to apply - our online application form is here, you must also complete the Wrexham online application form:-

Online application form



Frequently asked Questions:-

How do I apply? :- Applications should be by the Local Authority electronic system (if from Wrexham LA) similar versions exist in Cheshire and Shropshire. As a quirk of history, we are also a Foundation school so we have a simple application form to complete as well (see below). It is easier if you complete both the LA electronic system and our own.  These can be emailled to fiona.minshall@maelorschool.org.uk

What do I need to put on the form?:- We only need the basic information, we do not select pupils based on ability therefore, there is no need to fill in the section on why you have chosen the school (in fact we do not get to see it).

If you have a lot of applications how do you select who is successful?:- Our criteria for selection is in our admissions policy (below).

What order should I put the schools?:- Quite simply you should put the schools in the order of which you prefer. If your first preference has a place then it will be allocated. If you place a school in second or third the school cannot use this as a reason not to allocate a place as usual.

I know the Maelor School is popular and we don’t live close or attend a feeder school is there any point applying? :- Yes you still should consider The Maelor School, of course distance to travel should be a factor when considering a school but each year pupils from outside the area and not in a feeder school have been successful. In fact, for the last three years, ALL pupils that have appealed against a decision not to admit the pupil have been successful. (Clearly, this is not a prediction of the future or any guarantee, admission by appeal is by independent panel and not under the control of the school.)

How will my child get to school? :- You may qualify for free transport by the LA, details are in the prospectus below. If not we run a network of buses and details can be found in the transport section of our website. 

What if I have other questions?:- Again ring the school or feel free to ask them via our Facebook or Twitter page @maelorpenley.


Our prospectus and application forms will be updated in the first few weeks of September.