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Year 6 Open Evening and Joining The Maelor School

On this page you will find details of our Open Evening as well as the prospectus, application form and FAQ

The Maelor School – Open Evening Tuesday 3rd October 2023 5.30pm -8pm

An opportunity to tour the school and try activities in different subject areas.  There will be a talk from the Headteacher which will detail the school and explain how to apply. (At 5.30,6.30pm and 7.30pm)

Open Day- Come and see our school in action during the day.  No appointment necessary

WEDNESDAY 4th October during school hours 9-12.00 and 1.30-3.00pm

Prospectus can be found below

A paper version of our admissions application form can be found below or to fill an electronic copy in please click this link


This should be completed by the 6th November 2023


I would like to send my child to The Maelor School but I've heard its popular and I dont live near, will I be able to get in?

The Maelor School is a popular choice but in actual fact for the past few years everyone who has applied and wanted to come has been placed here.  Some have had to appeal against an initial decline but these appeals have been sucessful.

How does transport work?

If The Maelor School is your nearest school you may qualify for free transport from Wrexham LA.  For those who don't we run an extensive network of coaches throughout Wrexham and Ellesmere.  These are charged as the school is unable to subsidise these by law.  The current cost is £23 per week.

My child has additional learning needs, is there any difference in application?

Applications are as normal through the usual system, it is worth discussing the choice of secondary school with your primary school ALNCO and the LA if relevant.

Why do I have to fill in the Wrexham form and your form?

The Maelor School is a foundation school which means it processes its own applications.  You should fill in our quick online application (above) as well as the Wrexham one which will be detailed by your primary school.

What if I live in Cheshire or Shropshire?

We recieve a good number of applications each year from Cheshire and Shropshire, please fill in our form above and put us on the Shropshire or Cheshire form if you can.

What if my question isnt covered?

We'd happily answer your question, please phone the school and ask for our admissions officer Fiona Minshall.  Or contact us via facebook or twitter.