Pupils & facilities at The Maelor School


Key Stage 4

Pupils may choose Science GCSE or the three science subjects Biology, Chemistry and Physics as an extra option.

All pupils study Science throughout year 10 and 11 and have the opportunity to gain at least two GCSEs (or their equivalent) in science subjects. This reflects the importance of Science in the modern world and helps young people to understand about the world in which they live. Physics, Chemistry and Biology is integrated into the courses and the qualifications gained will be in Science rather than the separate disciplines.

A number of different routes can be followed by pupils in year 10 and 11 according to their interests and abilities. The traditional sciences often lead to more advanced study of science in established A levels in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It is also possible to study Applied Science, learning about applications of scientific principles in the world around us. Topics such as Sports Science, Forensics and Food Science are studied. This often leads to the study of Applied Science or Electronics at a higher level after Y11.

The Three Sciences:- Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Science continues to become ever more important in the modern world. Many excellent career opportunities are available for all abilities, and pupils who are genuinely interested in following a career in the sciences should consider this option. The course is an excellent preparation for the study of Physics, Chemistry and Biology at advanced level, giving a wider subject knowledge and a deeper understanding of scientific principles than following only Core Science.

Those who choose this option will study for three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, using their core science time to supplement the three hours of option time. The course looks at many of the big issues that are challenging us in Wales and across the world.

The course provides a sound basis on which to move on to a career in health care, engineering, manufacturing, wildlife, energy and environmental work to name but a few.