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Transport routes & times

UPDATE - Monday 13th November 2017

Bus routes and timetables for Pat's Coaches for academic year 2017/18 are now available and shown below.

Route S Pick up Times
Rhostyllen 08:05
Bangor on Dee Straight Mile 08:15
Bangor On Dee (Overton Road by Cemetery) 08:20
Trotting Mare Ellesmere 08:30
Ellesmere (Cross Street opp car park) 08:35
Ellesmere Red Hall Lane 08:40
Route T Pick up Times
Abenbury 08:20
Pentre Maelor 08:25
Kiln Lane 08:30
Route U Pick up Times
Stryt Holt Bus Stop Holt Road 08:00
Waterways 08:03
Holt Road & Freshfields 08:05
Holt 08:10
Ridleywood Lane 08:15
Isycoed 08:20
Cross Lanes Shop 08:25
Route V Pick up Times
Acton Gate / 4 Dogs 08:15
Smithy Garage 08:19
Smithy Lane 08:21
Rhosnesni Shop Dean Road 08:25
Route W Pick up Times
Pats Coaches Yard 08:00
Morrison’s 08:05
Lord St Bus Station 08:10
9 Acre 08:15
Farm foods 08:20
Overton 08:30
Route X Pick up Times
Belgrave Road 08:15
Kings Mills 08:20
Marchwiel (Piercy Avenue) 08:25
Route Y Pick up Times
Johnstown Fennant Road 08:17
Johnstown Spar 08:20
Vauxhall Ind Est 08:23
Wynnstay Park Gates 08:25
Rhosymadoc 08:30
Eyton 08:35
Route Z Pick up Times
Wynnstay Hotel 08:25
Pen Y Llan 08:30

It is important for all users to check the routes and times for the forthcoming year.

Please ensure that you are available to be picked up at your appropriate time in order for the bus routes to run smoothly.

All school bus passes issued last year are no longer valid and new passes will be issued during the first half term.   However, only those students that have completed applications should be accessing the transport.

All transport whether organised by the school (Pat's Coaches) or through the Local Authority requires students to be in possession of the appropriate pass.  Failure to be able to show a valid pass (once issued) when asked, will result in students not being able to access the relevant bus.

Should students lose bus passes, contact with the issuing authority (school or WCBC) should be made as soon as possible to arrange for a replacement to be issued.   Additional fees for replacements may apply.

Any changes in student school transport should be notified to school transport at The Maelor School either by email or by letter and any pass returned.  Failure to let the school know that changes have occurred could result in the liability to pay remaining and needing to be paid.

Safety Information

All coaches are fitted with seat belts which must be worn.   When travelling on buses all passengers should behave in a respectful manner and not engage in any activity that comprises vehicle, driver or other passenger safety at any time.

An important update to post 16 transport from 1st September 2016 has been made.  Transport for post 16 education students, those entering year 12 from 1st September 2016,  will no longer be entitled to Local Authority transport.  Therefore no transport is now available to Year 12 and 13 students from 1st September 2017 unless WCBC are able to assist in concessionary travel but this is at their discretion only and application must be made to them in advance.

Wrexham County Borough Council are the sole authority to issue passes for the transport that they operate, students without the appropriate pass are not entitled to use WCBC operated school bus transport.


Parentpay is now in use for school transport and school trips, if you have not yet had your login detail/passwords  then these can be requested by contacting the finance office at the school.


Payments for school transport can nbe made 24/7 using this facility and users should ensure that a payment is made of a sufficently regular basis to ensure that their account does not fall into arrears. 


If, however, you have any issues with payment then please do not hesitate to contact the school finance team at  finance@maelorschool.org.uk or the transport manager at transport@maelorschool.org.uk

 New Year 7 students from September 2018

Applications for transport for new year 7 students need not be completed or submitted at this time.   Further information regarding the application procedures will be notified in due course. 

Applications forms and information will be given out at the new year 7 students parents evening, currently scheduled for the end of June.


If you require any additional information prior to the June event, then please contact the Transport Manager by email transport@maelorschool.org.uk