Pupils & facilities at The Maelor School


The Maelor School provides its own in house dining room services for students and you can view the menus below.

The school has embraced the latest technology to offer a cashless experience to diners using the latest biometric systems.   Dinner money can be added to student accounts via parentpay or by adding funds on the revalidation unit situated in school.

If you have not yet had your login detail/passwords  then these can be requested by contacting the finance office at the school.

Payments for meals can be made 24/7 using this facility and users should ensure that a payment is made on a sufficently regular basis to ensure that their account does not fall into arrears.

If, however, you have any issues with payment then please do not hesitate to contact the school finance team at  finance@maelorschool.org.uk

Purchasing food in the canteen

Every child will have their fingerprint taken for the biometric payment system we have in the canteen, or a PIN number issued if biometrics isn’t for you.

Every child has a £6.00 limit per day to spend in the canteen which is open at break as well as lunchtime. (This can be increased/decreased at parents discretion)

If your child has money in their account but reaches the £6.00 limit anything purchased above that will be refused by the system. We can write these down and take it off the accounts the next day but that will reduce that days allowance so we end up rolling over every day which isn’t ideal and doesn’t give parents a true picture of what their child is consuming on a daily basis.

We have worked this way all year to try and be fair but it has become apparent that it doesn’t work and debt mounts up.

If your child has reached their daily limit they will be allowed a meal however they will not be able to purchase bottled drinks, cans, cookies or cakes and will be offered a piece of fruit for dessert and given a cup to use the water fountain. The same will apply to those with no money on their accounts. Rest assured all children will be given something savoury, a main meal, pasta king, sandwich or jacket potato, we would never refuse a child food they just won’t be able to have the sweet stuff or more expensive drinks until their accounts are brought up to date.

There are price lists in the canteen and they can always ask a member of the catering team how much things are and then they can work out the best way to spend their allowance. Spending £3 at break doesn’t leave much for lunch, so sending them in with a snack and ensuring they have breakfast before they leave can help keep the costs down.

We understand that in the current financial climate people may find it difficult and we encourage parents to talk to the school to see how we can help rather than being faced with debt emails.

If your child is in receipt of free school meals then they have a £3 allowance for their lunch, this cannot be used for snacks at break. Some parents boost their childs allowance by adding cash to the account which will cover breaktime snacks and drinks.