Pupils & facilities at The Maelor School

Pupil Deprivation Grant

Male and female pupils in chemistry class

The Welsh Government has announced funding for a grant scheme to support students from poorer backgrounds in their education.

The Pupil Deprivation Grant will allow schools to put in place practical help to improve the educational attainment of students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who often face greater barriers to fulfilling their potential at school.

Schools will receive the money directly, and the funding will be aimed particularly at supporting literacy and numeracy. Schools will also be encouraged to track the progress of particular students, and to work with parents and community groups to improve outcomes.

At The Maelor School this funding (which amounts to approximately £18,000 per year) will be used for the following:-

Tracking and monitoring the performance of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to ensure that they are performing to their potential.

Intervening with extra support via learning coaching where identified.

One to one mentoring throughout years 10,11,12 and 13.

Motivational trips and speaker sessions.

Additional lunchtime activities including “homework club”.

Increased access to computers and the internet outside of normal lesson time.

Access to support for extra curricular activities such as music tuiton or school trips.

Last year the performance of disadvantaged pupils was at least as good as other pupils in  the school and in some cases much better.