Pupils & facilities at The Maelor School


Male and female pupils in school uniform at The Maelor School

Our pupils are ambassadors of the school. The official school uniform must be worn and look smart. If you are unable to wear the correct uniform for any reason the school must be notified in writing. Items are available from our uniform supplier - Sarah's Embroidery, Penley.  You can purchase from the shop on Penley Industrial Estate or you can order by phone, by post or via the internet.

Blazers - Navy blue with royal blue trim with badge compulsory for boys and girls.

Shirt/blouses - Plain white long sleeved cotton or poly-cotton shirt with collar (dress uniform - must have a top collar button that can be fastened). Optional for summer - a plain white short sleeved cotton or poly-cotton shirt with collar (a polo or sports style is not permitted).

Boys and girls are expected to have their shirts/blouses tucked in at all times.  Tight fitted blouses are not suitable as they cannot be tucked in - bare midriffs are totally unacceptable, also 3/4 length sleeves on blouses are not allowed.

House Tie - Each form is allocated to one of the five school houses.  The school tie has a stripe of one of the house colours in it eg Powys has a purple stripe.  Please purchase the tie assigned to your child's form.  The house tie should be worn properly (ie business dress) at all times.

Trousers - Grey tailored trousers regular fitting (large buckle belts are not permitted) or tailored grey school shorts.
Jeans, cords, skinny trousers or leggings are not permitted.

Skirt - Grey skirt which should be knee length or longer, not tight, nor split but it can be pleated.
Tube skirts, pencil skirts, skater skirts or jersey material are not permitted.

Pullover (Optional) - Navy V-necked pullover may be worn beneath blazer in cold weather (sweatshirts and cardigans are not permitted).

Shoes - Polishable black low-heeled shoes or trainers must be worn.
Platform or high heels should not be worn as they present a safety hazard.
Boots, logos, fabric or canvas shoes are not permitted.

Socks/tights, (grey, navy blue or black) to match the uniform.

Outdoor Coat - A plain outdoor coat or jacket is required.  Denim jackets, hooded sweatshirts, padded shirts, army camouflage jackets, leather and leather-type jackets are not allowed, nor are studs, pictures, slogans, decorations or badges which might give offence.

Jewellery/Make-up - Both of these are considered unsuitable, however, pupils in year 11 may use subtle make-up.  Those pupils who have had their ears pierced may wear one small stud in each ear, no other body piercings are permitted.

Hair bands, slides and ribbons should be navy blue to match the school colours.  Extremes of hair colour or style are not permitted.

P.E. & Swimming Kit

  • Navy & light blue reversible rugby top with school logo on
  • Navy & light blue sweatshirt with school logo on
  • Navy & light blue polo top with school logo on
  • Navy & light blue skort
  • Navy & light blue shorts
  • Navy & light blue knee length sports socks
  • Trainers
  • Football boots
  • One piece swimsuit/trunks, towel, swimming cap and goggles
  • We recommend a mouth shield should be worn for Hockey and Rugby

Other equipment required for all pupils is a craft overall (available from the Technology department) and a suitable bag for carrying books and kit eg a rucksack.