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GCSE and A level Grades

UPDATES 3/4/20

A letter for all learners from the WJEC.

Dear Learner, A message for all Summer 2020 GCSE, AS, A level and Skills Challenge Certificate learners.

I appreciate the announcement to cancel exams this summer will have been unsettling for you as learners, and that you are urgently waiting for news. To keep you informed, I wanted to let you know what we are doing to provide you with grades that you can use to progress to sixth form, college, university, training or work.

Our aim is to treat you as fairly as possible this summer.

How will grades be calculated? Most GCSEs, AS and A Levels that learners in Wales have been entered for will be awarded by WJEC. The Skills Challenge Certificate is only awarded by WJEC. If you are entered for a GCSE, AS or A Level offered by a different exam boards, the same principles will apply. Your schools, colleges and other exam centres will be asked to send exam boards two pieces of information for each of your qualifications, based on what they know about your work and performance: •the grade they believe you were most likely to get if teaching, learning and exams had happened as planned •the order of learners, by performance, within those grades. Your centre will consider a range of evidence like your class and homework; your results in assignments and any mock exams; any non-exam assessment you might have done; and your general progress during your course.


This information will allow WJEC and other exam boards to gather and compare grades across centres. Together, we want to make sure that results are fair and that, as far as possible, learners are not advantaged or disadvantaged because their centres are more generous or harsh than others when making those judgements. That means the final grade you get could be different from the one your centre sends to WJEC or other exam boards.

What do I need to do? Nothing. Your teachers will review all the work you have done so far, any new work set will not influence this summer’s results. Teachers may continue to set work to ensure that all teaching and learning has been completed and help prepare you for next year. The data (grades and rank order) that will be provided is confidential and cannot be shared with you as learners, your parents or carers. Please don’t ask your teachers, or anyone else at your centre, to tell you the grades they will be sending to exam boards or where they have placed you in the order of learners. This is to help ensure the information submitted by schools and colleges is as fair as possible.

When will I get my results? We’re working hard to make sure you get results as soon as possible – and no later than the published dates of 13 August (AS and A level) and 20 August (GCSE). We will confirm dates as soon as we can. Can I take my exams another time?

There are already exams available in GCSE English Language, Mathematics, Mathematics-Numeracy and Welsh Language in November each year. You can enter for these exams in November 2020. Other exams will be available, as usual, in summer 2021.

Keep informed We’ve published a set of FAQs here that you and your parents or carers might find useful. There are also regular updates on our website ( and social media (@quals_wales on twitter and @qualswalescymcymru on facebook) that you might want to follow. We’ll keep you updated.

Philip Blaker Chief Executive Qualifications Wales

Welcome to The Maelor School

Simon Ellis, Headteacher


Welcome to The Maelor School - Virtual School 

This is your portal to work, advice or support whilst The Maelor School is closed.

This website will update regularly and the latest information about school closures, exam grades or health advice will appear in the red banner at the top.

The most important thing is communication, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, queries or advice.  We may not be in the building but we are still working and here to help.

For financial, transport or buildings matters please contact :

For Sixth form concerns both wellbeing and curriculum based :

For Wellbeing or child protection concerns :

For KS4 curriculum , options or exam queries :

For Key Workers provision, KS3 Curriculum, or any general question :

For ICT support, HwB passwords etc


School Work

To access the work please use the "SUBJECTS" tab at the top of the page, navigate to the subject and each page will detail the work the teacher has currently provided.  Teachers will be changing these pages so please remember to refresh your page or keep checking to see if there is new work.

We don't think that pupils should be sticking to their existing timetables, pupils should fit their work around other interests and activities at home so the work can be done in any order and submitted or completed at any time.

Not all our subjects had their own pages so:-

For A level Politics please click on the Engineering page

For Media Studies please click on Drama

For A level Economics please click on Business Studies

For Computer Science see ICT

Please be aware that although our teachers are working from home, they may have their own dependants or may be unwell.  Do not be concerned if you do not get an immediate reply to any query.

 Year 10 and 11 College groups, please contact your tutors to get the google classroom codes for your college work.

Google Classrooms

Much of the work set uses an online resource called Google Classrooms, the pupils have been shown how to access this but a handy guide can be found here:-

If a pupils is struggling or has forgotten their password, help can be found by emailling:-


There are two helpful guides for both Parents and Pupils about Wellbeing and stress alongside a sheet with contact details of agencies, apps and websites that can provide support, called sources of wellbeing support this can be found:-

We have also been sent this very good link for parents to support pupils who are woried about Covid-19.

Wrexham Educational Psychology department also has some advice which can be accessed here:-

It is very important that pupils get sufficient exercise and "fresh air" whilst at home, whilst sticking within government guidlines we recommend that they should play or excercise outside for at least an hour a day (Weather permitting)


Mr nantcurvis our careers advisor will be contacting yr 11's, if anyone would like to discuss Careers please email him at:-


We are currently changing the way, we, as counsellors work due to the Corona Virus. Face to face sessions all have been cancelled and postponed for the near future.

We are still available to speak to any young people who wish to continue with their counselling sessions.  We can do this via phone/email/text, at present and may look at other options in the next few weeks.

If you are on any of our waiting lists, someone will be contacting you shortly to let you know what is happening with your referral.

Please get in touch still if you want to make a referral for counselling support:

Info shop counselling enquiries – 07800689039/07808787643     

email –

Young People Support

Info Shop – Speak to a Youth Worker 12.00-3.00pm

Monday – 07585103649

Tuesday – 07584440126

Wednesday – 07585103631

Thursday – 07584440126

Friday – 07800688823

Young Wrexham – Facebook and Twitter

Counselling – Monday – Friday 9.00am-5.00pm



In2change – Drug and Alcohol Support - Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm



Inspire – Youth work Support Emotional Health - Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm



 Learning Support Unit (LSU)

Miss Jupp would like all students who attend  the LSU to complete at least one episode of Headsprout and two lessons on IDL weekly as homework. I will mark this and awards certificates and stars where required.    IDL:   The students have their own passwords and usernames in their planners on blue card.  Headsprout: The students have the login information in their planners on blue card.

Please email Miss Jupp on for further assistance.


Some general work can be found on the following:-

Loads of free books here:-

Digital resources re Welsh History:-

Free Downloadable books:-

Maths Resources:-

Exam papers and other resources:-

Revision for all subjects:-

General activities:-

KS3 Spelling:-




Simon Ellis

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