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Updated 27/3:-

Home Learning work for French March 30th -April 6th

· M. Bruce-Pinard sets and monitors work for all of his classes on Google classroom every week.

Miss Taillefer has allocated work on HWB, Office 365, Teams for all of her classes.

· For Yr 8q1

2 ASSIGNMENTS have been set on Hwb office 365, Teams, pupils need to log on to Hwb, Office 365, Teams, they will see a folder called Français 8Q1 in which they will be able to upload work every week.

· Same thing for Yr 9(1) and Yr9 (3) classes, they need to log on to Hwb, office 365 Teams where two folders français 9(1), français 9(3) have been organised for them to upload work weekly from Monday 30th March onwards.

· Yr 10 have been set work on Teams and have shown some encouraging quality of work. Keep it up yr10! Thank you :)

· Yr11 have been given work on Teams, deadline on Monday 30th March



Years 7, 8, 9 taught by RBP will be set work on a weekly basis on Google classroom.

Year 8q1 taught by CAT will be completing a project on their town. Class can also use languages on line as visual support to complete their work. This should cover 2 weeks work

Languages on line (no password is required) Click on français second year of learning Unit 7 En ville

Year 9 (1) Students taught by CAT can upload on their work on advertising their school on Google Classroom code itygsve

Year 9(3) taught by CAT will be working on languages on line, Tricolore français Second year of Learning practise on UNIT 7 En ville all exercises / linguascope unit les magasins also available. Username maelor2 password toureiffel

Year 10

CAT will provide work weekly.

All students have been given a WJEC GCSE EXAM CONVERSATION BOOKLET.

Students have to complete questions from Theme 1 Identity and Culture – Self and relationships and Technology and social media (Q1 - Q18c) and upload them on to Hwb office 365 Teams folder yr10 French.

Year 11

Madame Taillefer will provide work via Hwb office 365 on Teams every week.

Complete role-play HT set 2 in 2018 booklet

To upload answers, go on HWB office 365 Teams folder yr11 French.


For languages on line, our students don’t need a password . They also know how to access both websites they have recorded them in their planner.   They need  to type Languages on line, then click on francais on menu on the left, select Second Year of Learning then they will have to pick  the topic on unit 7 En ville.

For Linguascope.com username maelor2 password toureiffel . Unit of work les magasins

Students  should know their logins .


Login: Maelor2

Password: Toureiffel


Revision Website


WJEC resources French KS4

Past Papers 2017/ 2018 combined tiers all answers on WJEC past papers and marking schemes