Pupils & facilities at The Maelor School


Key Stage 4

For GCSE French with the WJEC we study 4 areas:

  • Personal and Social Life
  • The Local Community
  • The World of Work
  • The Wider World

and do separate assessments in Reading and Listening, both of which you will take in May 2014, and in Speaking and Writing which you can take any time during the course.

French is spoken by nearly 400m people worldwide and is an official language in 30 countries as well as the EU. Learning French marks you out as someone who understands both your native language and who is clever enough to learn a new one and you will find that you also really improve your skills of communication, presentation, problem solving, organisation and independence, all of which are highly prized by employers.

Learning French to GCSE and even more so to AS/A and degree level can often lead to very interesting and well-paid careers particularly in business, tourism, politics and teaching. The Russell group [top 20] of universities also looks very favourably on applications from pupils who have studied GCSE French.

For further information please speak to any of the French teachers in the school.