Pupils & facilities at The Maelor School

Curriculum for Wales

The Maelor School community wholeheartedly embodies the four purposes of the Curriculum for Wales, which will enable our children to become:

  • ambitious, capable learners,
  • enterprising, creative contributors,
  • healthy, confident individuals and
  • ethical, informed citizens.


The goal of The Maelor School is to enable all our young people to ‘realise their potential’ within our happy, supportive and inspiring community.

We have high expectations for all our learners and value their diversity and the strengths of each unique person, taking pride in our culture. We encourage teamwork and collaboration and embrace every opportunity to develop self-respect, confidence and resilience, equipping our pupils to lead successful and fulfilling lives as individuals, professionals and global citizens.

The curriculum we provide is accessible, inclusive and challenging, offering rich learning experiences. It also offers opportunities for innovation, creativity and critical thinking in order to encourage development of independence, perseverance and personal effectiveness. We strive to enhance the use of digital technology to enable our pupils to become well-informed, responsible digital citizens and lifelong learners.


Our aspirations for our learners

We strive for our pupils’ curriculum to offer experiences that allow them to:

  • develop as respectful, responsible and kind individuals,
  • gain high levels of literacy, numeracy and digital skills whilst building,
  • a wide body of knowledge,
  • achieve academic success within their chosen pathway,
  • learn about their local area, Wales and the world,
  • understand about the planet’s sustainability and how we can protect it,
  • learn in authentic and ‘real life’ contexts,
  • value diversity within our community, culture and the world,
  • have a greater awareness of the world of work, the digital world and the skills required to succeed,
  • to engage with guest speakers and enjoy educational visits that support their learning,
  • develop their health, fitness and personal well-being, including dealing with different emotions and feelings.