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Year 10 Media Work – Google Classroom Code mpygksz


All work will be on Google Classroom and will be updated regularly. Students can submit work and can interact with LMD via Google Classroom (this has been our normal way of working since January).


Task 1: Ensure that you have read the Madonna Papa Don’t Preach PowerPoint and completed your analysis of the video – last slide of the PowerPoint for instructions. Send me your analysis via google classroom.


Task 2: Music Magazines – You have been given a booklet to work through analysing music magazines. If you don’t have a copy, it is available on Google Classroom. Work through the booklet thoroughly, making sure you look up and remember key terminology. Mrs Davies will post regular additional info for music magazines.


Task 3: The Music Industry. Use the PowerPoint on Google Classroom and complete activities. Ensure you have completed the Taylor Swift music industry task (on Google Classroom). If you can, finish watching the Miss Americana documentary on Netflix.


Task 4: Music Radio. You need to listen to two radio programmes - Lauren Laverne’s breakfast show on BBC Radio 6 music and Greg James’ breakfast show on BBC Radio 1. These are on daily – you may need to check schedules as due to the pandemic radio / tv may change purpose (which is interesting to analyse in itself!) - you can listen to past programmes online too. I will post a task on Google Classroom for this.


Any further work will be posted on Google Classroom weekly. When we finish the music industry, we will move on to Paper 2: Section A – Wales on Television