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The school is responsible for organising its own catering facilities.  Price List below is correct from September 2016.

Breakfast Items
Toast 25p/slice
Bacon/Sausage in a roll  90p
1/2 Bagel 50p
1/2 Toasted Tea Cake 50p
French Bread Pizza 90p
Ceral 80p
Lunch Items
All main course meals with potato and veg   £2.00        
Main course portion without potato and veg  £1.20   
Vegetables and potatoes per portion 50p
Hot Meal Deal (dessert plus hot dinner) £2.50
Cold Meal Deal (sandwich, cake/fruit and a drink) £2.00
Chips, Hot Dog, Pizza £1.10
Turkey Burger £1.50
1/2 Jacket potato with cheese  £1.00
Pasta King £1.70
Pasta King with cheese £2.00
Jacket potato  £1.00
Jacket potato with 1 filling £1.30
Jacket potato with 2 fillings  £1.50
Salad 80p
Portion of Tuna/Cheese/Ham £1.00
Portion of Hot Pasta 80p
Cold Pasta Pot £1.00
Filled Wraps  £1.10 
Sandwiches £1.30
Filled Rolls £1.30
Hot Paninis £1.50
Extra Cheese on anything  40p
Coleslaw/potatoe sald portion 50p
Cold dessert 65p
Hot dessert 65p
Hot dessert with custard 70p
Bowl of custard 45p
Muffins/cakes/biscuits 65p
Yoghurts 55p
Grape Pot 75p
Fresh Fruit  50p
Ice cream tubs 40p
Yazoo 500ml £1.20
Yazoo 300ml 85p
Orange juice cans 80p
Bottled water 60p
Aqua juice/cartons 50p
Suso cans 80p
Radnor - peach/forest fruit/tropical 60p
Radnor (still) - cherry/raspeberry £1
Slush - small 65p
Slush - large £1.00
Milk 65p
Please note that although we aim to please all pupils with the meal of their choice that items sometimes sell-out or are unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.



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