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Year 6 Transition

Year 6 Transition(Posted on 18/06/20)

Summer 2020 Year 6 Transition Day

Parent & Pupil Guidance & Sign Up

Year 6 Transition Day Wednesday 15th July, 2020

(Version 1. This guidance is correct as of 15/6, as new information becomes available, it may be updated)

We are really looking forward to welcoming our Year 6 pupils to the Maelor School for a transition experience. Starting Secondary school is a very exciting time but it can also be a little daunting, please don`t worry though, we are here to fully support their transition and make your child`s introduction to the Maelor school a safe, smooth and enjoyable experience. Rest assured they are going to have an amazing and successful time at the Maelor School.

Firstly, can I thank all parents for the swift return of the ‘Year 6 Transfer to The Maelor School’ information. The next stage of our transition is to invite your child to take part in the ‘Year 6 Transition Activity Day’ scheduled to be held at The Maelor School, Penley on Wednesday 15th July, 2020.

In order to access the Transition Activity Day, you must book a place using this form but it is essential that you read the details below before booking a place.


Please could you complete this form even if you have decided that your child will not be attending the Transition day using the following link;



School Session

The Year 6 pupils will be in school between 10am until 2pm. They will be arranged into groups of 8 pupils in a bubble. This group will be kept together throughout the day and will have the same teacher all day to minimise contact with others. This is to comply with guidance reducing the contact between different groups of pupils. They will be placed in a class where the desks are 2m apart and will need to maintain this “social distance” throughout the day.

We will ensure that our Year 6 pupils will have supervised Break and Lunchtimes, again these will be with the same pupils.


Experiences throughout the day will comprise of;


Uniform and Equipment


The Start and End of the Day

All pupils should be dropped off and picked up from the school bus bay which is located opposite the Penley Stores Shop. Signage will be visible to clearly mark drop off and pick up areas and staff will be on hand to guide if necessary. Pupils should be dropped off between 9:15 and 9.45am and picked up between 2.00pm and 2.15pm

Reception will not be open for parents / pupils and the main front entrance of the school should not be used. Parents wishing to speak to the school should telephone reception on 01948 830291 in the usual manner.

Choosing the Groups

As you might imagine, the coordination and organisation of the groups is a large task. It cannot be done until we have all the “sign up” returns back. The school will endeavour to ensure each child is with at least one person they know in their bubble of 8. I will ask for your patience with this task.

Safety and Wellbeing of all on site

As the safety of all on site is our priority no pupils should be sent to school if they feel unwell.

The school will aim to take the external temperature of all pupils on arrival to the school using distance thermometers. If a high temperature is recorded (above 37.8C) then the pupil will be isolated and parents called to take the pupil home.

Any pupils feeling unwell during the day will be isolated and parents called to take them home.

Although the guidance received from the Welsh Government does not recommend the wearing of masks, pupils and staff are welcome to wear one if they wish.

Should a pupil wish to speak with a member of staff about a worry or a concern that they have, our pastoral staff will be on hand as usual throughout the day.


There will be no school food available; all pupils should bring their own snacks, lunches and drinks.  Please do not send items containing nuts due to a number of our pupils having allergies.


Unfortunately, due to circumstances there is no transport available for pupils on Transition day.


As you would expect, behaviour round school is very important. It is important that prior to your child attending our Transition event that they are aware of the social distance guidelines and importance of good behaviour whilst on the Maelor School site


The school is creating a rigorous routine of cleaning that will include each of the rooms used for working in. Toilet and commonly used areas will be cleaned more often throughout the day.

Pupils that may be vulnerable

If you have any queries or comments regarding the safety arrangements put in place, particularly for pupils who have an underlying health condition or for those who are of BAME heritage please contact: christopherbuckeridge@maelorschool.org.uk or janet.cross@maelorschool.org.uk

What now?

Please use link above to access and complete the Sign-Up form to book a place on the Year 6 Transition Day.

For urgent matters regarding transition please contact : Janet.cross@maelorschool.org.uk

Many thanks,

Mrs Jan Davies