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Summer 2021 Exams

Summer 2021 Exams(Posted on 10/11/20)

Dear Parents / Carers / Pupils and Students

At 11.45 we received the information from the Welsh Government about the exams this summer. Details can be read here: - https://gov.wales/wales-approach-qualifications-2021-confirmed-education-minister-kirsty-williams

There are still many questions that we will seek to get answers to over the coming weeks. What is essential is that all our young people do not feel under pressure or stress over an unknown system and its consequences. With this in mind we will be postponing the planned mock examinations in December for year 11 and January for year 12 and 13.

We want our young learners to continue to work hard, we do not want them feeling as if every piece of work or school produced exam is their last chance to shine.

Once the questions have been answered about how centre assessment will be organised, we will redesign our calendar to meet these requirements and share this with you.

In the meantime, can I pay tribute to the fantastic resilience and determination that our learners are showing despite the uncertain times and changing goalposts.

Simon Ellis