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Ski Trip

(Posted on 15/04/13)

Following four successful trips we are offering the opportunity for your daughter/son to take part in our Y9-13 Ski Trip Dec 2013 to Bardonecchia, Italy. The trip will give your daughter/son the chance to learn/develop a new skill as well as, for Y13, use their language skills learned at school to communicate in Italiano. The information below can be viewed in detail at www.halsbury.com


Our quote is based on taking a minimum of 32 pupils. If the cost of the trip changes when all deposits are collected, we will inform you so that you may change your mind if necessary.



If you would like your daughter/son to take part, please complete the attached form and return with a cheque, made payable to “The Maelor School” for £180 by Fri 19th Apr (this will be your non-refundable deposit). Future payments will need to be made at regular intervals prior to departure (£150 by each of May 19th, Jun 19th, Jul 19th and Sep 19th).


If by Fri 19th Apr 2013 demand exceeds supply, places will be allocated firstly to pupils in Y12/13 (academic year 2013/2014) and then through a ballot for pupils in Y9/10/11 (academic year 2013/2014).


Pupils will only be accepted onto this trip if they have a good behavioural record at school and continue to have in the run up to the trip. Pupils will forfeit their place (and their deposit) if we consider their behaviour in school to be unacceptable.


Deposits received after Apr 19th 2013 will only be accepted if places are available.



Departure Date:                              Wednesday 18th Dec 2013


Return Date:                                     Monday 23rd Dec 2013


Departure Airport:                      Birmingham





Ski Resort:                                        Bardonecchia, Italy


Accommodation:                               Olympic Village




Price of fully inclusive tour:                   £780.00