Pupils & facilities at The Maelor School

Sixth form

Sixth form male and female students at The Maelor School

Welcome to The Maelor School Sixth Form. Over the past few years more and more students have been investing in their future by joining us to share in our sixth form success.

We can offer you a wide range of subjects including all those most valued by University admissions and employers. With years of experience in getting students to their destination of choice, our smaller size allows us to treat you as an individual and provide any support or guidance that you may need throughout your studies.


Application Process for Entry September 2022

Applications are now OPEN.  Electronic applications will be via a link below:


For late applications, please complete the electronic form above and also contact Mrs Audrey Stewart via email audrey.stewart@maelorschool.org.uk for further instructions.


25 August 2022 - GCSE Results Day & Enrolment .  All students will be expected to enrol on this day. Further information is below in the attachment.

September 2022 - We will welcome you into Year 12 at Maelor Sixth.


Subject Videos. - Please click the links below to watch a short explanation of our subjects by the staff who deliver them:-

Welcome to Maelor Sixth https://youtu.be/T_MMJYWFGgY


A/AS Level French https://youtu.be/BWumGGK8NqM

A/AS Level Welsh https://youtu.be/8zecSGI2qL4 

A/AS Level English Language https://youtu.be/Qq-VBUJhXY0 

A/AS Level English Literature https://youtu.be/ZLKfZN6iE-k

A/AS Level Art and Design https://youtu.be/euWsRxsTUDw

A/AS Level Product Design https://youtu.be/j6P9QtTyBL0 

A/AS Level Music :https://youtu.be/6RLotAU5Wro

A/AS Level Chemistry https://youtu.be/ZJeh22-NqBk

A/AS Level Religious Studies https://youtu.be/RqX2xmsukXw

 A/AS Level Computer Science https://youtu.be/E3ceM9x338k

 A/AS Level Government and Politics https://youtu.be/B_Z8_Z3vBL4

A/AS Level Media Studies https://youtu.be/Ay30thD5m6U

A/AS Level Geography https://youtu.be/6YWT0DKCmtY

A/AS Level Physics https://youtu.be/3ncm87ZOszg

Level 3 Diploma Medical Science https://youtu.be/lak3gRSnT7A

A/AS Level Maths https://youtu.be/QJ-Mcj9r5cY

A/AS Level Further Maths https://youtu.be/xLHavR7eXz8

Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate https://youtu.be/u-ZElvQ7luA

A/AS Level Physical Education https://youtu.be/y2YaiwqeprE

BTEC Level 3 ICT https://youtu.be/AGayFMdxho0

BTEC Level 3 Business https://youtu.be/TROv_QSQ-wo

A/AS Level Biology https://youtu.be/ttkTIt-Smc0

 A/AS Level Economics  https://youtu.be/BRJxdRQAdiU

A/AS Level History https://youtu.be/l3JNYqT4uF8

A/AS Level Psychology https://youtu.be/ieLmS6zB5U0


Any Questions?  Please email our Director of Sixth form :-