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GCSE Results

GCSE Results(Posted on 12/08/21)

Students at The Maelor School picked their GCSE results up today.

Results were created this year using teacher assessments and in school tests due to the cancellation of exams.

The results at The Maelor School were again outstanding and reflect the performances of previous years. Headteacher Simon Ellis commented “This year group have had disruption throughout their GCSE’s. The pandemic has left them studying both face to face and online since the start of their courses. They have shown enormous resilience and tenacity to persevere in these difficult times. These superb results reflect their abilities, and I am delighted that so many of them have chosen to continue their studies at The Maelor Sixth.”

Assistant Headteacher Nicky Preston said “We have worked really hard with this year group to ensure that they remained motivated and committed throughout the difficult times. Their attitude and determination were a joy to behold. They deserve these grades and I look forward to seeing how they continue to flourish”

Highlights include:-

Ella Bailey Rogers – 11A* -Next year studying Chemistry, Psychology, Biology and English Literature at The Maelor Sixth

Megan Bancroft – 11A* - Next year studying Chemistry, Maths, Biology and English Literature at The Maelor Sixth

Nia Hawkins – 11A* - Next year studying Chemistry, Computer Science, Maths and Biology at The Maelor Sixth

Deputy Headteacher Katherine Garratt-Smith who coordinated the online learning during the pandemic said “For pupils to be thrust into a situation where they needed to organise their own learning and manage their own time is extremely difficult. This year group coped brilliantly and not only do these results reflect their hardwork, but their determination and resilience will serve them well in the future.”