Pupils & facilities at The Maelor School

Equipment for school

(Posted on 15/08/18)

Please have a look at the following item of equipment required for school:-

Basic Equipment:

1. Pens

2. Pencils

3. Coloured pencils rather than (or in addition to) felt pens

4. Ruler

5. Rubber

6. Compass

7. Protractor

8. Pencil sharpener

9. Calculator

Subject specific equipment should include:

1. A Pocket English Dictionary

4. An A4 Sketchbook

5. Geiriadur Newydd (Welsh Dictionary) is desirable

6. Craft Apron

7. Painting Shirt (old)

8. Reading Book

In a number of lessons pupils will be expected to 'cut and paste' work into their exercise books; pritt stick/safety scissors/small staplers are made available but it avoids waiting time if pupils have their own.