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Design a mural for school

Design a mural for school(Posted on 06/05/20)

The Art department is looking for our pupils to design a poster which will be used to create a large mural in the school grounds.

This work will be on display to remember and thank all key working in the current times we are living in. We want pupils to focus on the idea of ‘The superhero's ‘in our community.These include NHS workers, social care workers, police officers, firefighters, delivery drivers, supermarket workers,  teachers, prison and probation services, emergency gas and electrician fitters.

•We want pupils to be as creative and colourful as possible.

•We want pupils to work on an A4 to A3 piece paper. (Landscape)

•We want it to have a high impact visual.impact that makes a statement.

•You can include dates , slogans, thoughtful words or lyrics.

SENT TO:-Mrs Hartigan, Miss Waddilove or Miss Swanton. Via :-twitter or e-mail

A High quality photo will only be accepted!