Pupils & facilities at The Maelor School

Covid 19 Case

(Posted on 15/10/20)

This morning at 8.20am we were informed that a pupil who attended school last on Monday 12th October has tested positive for Covid 19.  It is believed that they have contracted the virus from a community contact and not at school.

Following the guidance passed to us from the Welsh Government we contacted the local authority public protection team.  They have told us that we must isolate the bubble (Year 7) and the bus (Pat's Coaches Bus S) that the young person travelled on for 14 days from last monday.  Pupils were informed and we are grateful for the many parents who were able to pick their children up at such short notice.  A letter containing details of what this isolation will mean will be emailled to parents of year 7 and the bus later this morning.

Pupils in different year groups or those on different buses are not affected and should continue to attend school as normal.

Staff who also taught the pupil on Monday have also been asked to isolate.

We will be starting to populate the online work over the next day or two, this can be found at 


Thank you for your support in this matter