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Route T
Pats Coaches         08:05
Kings Mills     08:20
Abenbury     08:25
Route U
Greyhound Inn               08:00
Waterways               08:05
Commonwood        08:10
Freshfields               08:15
The Cross Holt        08:20
Bryn Lane W.I.E      08:25
Isycoed                    08:30
Cross Lanes             08:35
Route V
Acton Gate                 08:17
Smithy Garage           08:20
Smithy Lane               08:23
Rhosnesni Shop         08:28
Pentre Maelor           08:30
Route W
Four Dogs                   08:10
9 Acre Field          08:20
Farm Foods                  08:30
Route X
Belgrave Road       08:15
Bryn -Y- Gog 08:18
Marchwiel               08:20
Ellesmere               08:35
Route Y
Ruthin Road (Morrison's)          08:05
Wrexham Cemetery                   08:10
Rhostyllen                                     08:15
Johnstown (Fennant Road)        08:20
Johnstown (Spar)                        08:25
Route Z
Vauxhall Ind Estate                   08:15
Wynnstay                                    08:20
Wynnstay Park Gates               08:25
Llwyn Howell Drive                  08:27
Rhosymadoc                              08:30
Eyton                                           08:35


All new Year 7 parents/carers are reminded of the need to have made arrangements to have paid for the first months transport either by cash, cheque or via standing order if they already have a sibling using the school transport.


Cheques should be made payable to "The Maelor School" and please include the student name and form on the reverse of the cheque.


If no payment had been made for the first month, by whatever means, then your child cannot use the school transport and it is parent/carer responsibility to get them to and from school by other means.


Please contact the school transport co-ordinator if you have any problems with regards to school transport.


They can be contacted at the following email address:


Information correct as at 29th September 2014.


School Bus Passes


Bus passes will be issued towards the end of September/early October to entitled students only.

Bus passes when issued will be required to be shown to the driver/member of school staff when requested.

Students should therefore ensure that they are always available when on the bus transport.


Students without passes are not eligible to use the transport.


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